Text Box: Some of the major events held in Lemesos and places of interest are:
Wine Festival
National Zoo Park
Carnival Feast
Limassol Castle
Kolossi Castle
Kourion Archeological place
Amathus ancient kingdom
Patihion Theatre
Major Port on the island
Off-shore companies - most of the foreign companies are established in Lemesos due to the easy access to Middle East and Europe respectively

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About Limassol

Limassol (Lemesos) is the second biggest city of Cyprus and it has experienced great development the last years, hence becoming the biggest port in the Mediterranean transit trade.

Today, Limassol is one of the most important tourism, trade and service-providing centre in the area. The city is also renowned for its long cultural tradition. Visitors can enjoy a wide spectrum of activities and a great number of museums and archaeological sites. A unique combination of ancient Greek, Byzantine, Frankish, Roman and other modern influences is observed.

Successor to two city-kingdoms and host to a Royal Wedding in the Middle Ages, contemporary Limassol stretches along the south coast. The spontaneous hospitality of its people, the archaeological sites, mediaeval castles and its merry Carnival and Wine Festivals, have established Limassol as the island's most important tourist and wine industry centre. Luxurious Hotels, high quality service restaurants and night spots thrive along the beach.

The enhancement of Troodos' southern slopes along with the picturesque traditional wine producing villages and the idyllic mountain resorts such as Pitsylia area complete the activities-package Limassol can offer to locals and visitors.